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SRU Run-Down Leg Rodding Procedure

The current method for rodding out the seal and run down is via a steam lance.  SRU Run-Down Leg Rodding Procedure This poses several risks to the operator doing this task. Aside from the obvious safety risks, we all know what combining sulfur and water usually leads to. Until above-ground seals are purchased and installed, some recommendations on how to safely and effectively rod out run down lines and seals are posted in the Sulfur Unit Forum. Additional recommendations/information would be greatly appreciated!

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Posted by: Noel Vicente

Mr. Vicente has extensive knowledge and experience in the sulfur recovery industry having worked with Sulfur Recovery Engineering, Sulfur Engineering Solutions, and now Sulfur Unit a part of Refining Community. Noel has worked in all aspects of the Sulfur Recovery Unit such as Analytical and Field Testing, Operations and Troubleshooting, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning, Process Engineering and has been involved with the start-up/ shutdown of various refineries and gas plants worldwide. On top of his credentials, Noel is an experienced instructor/trainer, who is able to make difficult concepts easy to understand for all. He conducts onsite training for sulfur plant operators and key staff for refineries and sour gas processors around the world. Noel also teaches fundamental engineering theory review courses to foreign trained engineers.

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