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It takes a community…for Successful Sulfur Recovery was established to build that Sulfur Community.

Here’s our story…There was an on-going uneasiness among the coker workers of the world about the risk of operating their unit. Because of that, was established in October 1998. One month later, 6 people were killed at the Anacortes Refinery. Suddenly our mission became critical: Create a Coker Community for operators, mechanical and reliability technicians, maintenance and process engineers, supervisors, EPC’s and vendors to learn from each others’ expertise and improve productivity. The goal: “Together we can improve safety and reliability.”

Read the posts about the seminars, exhibition, training, discussion groups, forum, suppliers, contacts and more to learn about the huge success of this community. Because the Coker Community has been so successful, we’ve been getting frequent requests to expand the model to other units, so this Sulfur Community was established.

We refer to sulfur broadly to include sulfur recovery or sulfur unit and related processes Amine, Sour Water Stripping, Claus Plant and Tail Gas. The discussion forum, products & services suppliers, facts and tips, safety, news, blogs, field services and consulting are here at

Sulfur Recovery joined the ranks of Delayed Coking and CatCracking at RefComm® conference, exhibition and training on May 2, 2016 in Galveston, Texas. Working together as a Sulfur Community, we can minimize the unit risks, maintain reliability and keep up with environmental regulations!

With current re-organizations, the resources that had once been available and plentiful to the technical and operational folks are more limited. This Sulfur Community can help fill the void.

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Evan Hyde

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